Distracted Driving Pledge

Pledge received!
Thank you for your commitment to safe driving.

Distracted driving kills and injures thousands each year. Virginia residents who want to do something about distracted drivers in their areas are sworn in as Distraction FREE Drivers by signing the following online pledge:

I, , pledge to lead the way by:

  1. Committing to stop using a cell phone while driving.
  2. Asking loved ones and friends to stop using cell phones while driving.
  3. Being informed about traffic safety laws in my area. (Virginia)
  4. Learning more about how distracted driving can harm me and others.
  5. Being courteous to other drivers on the roadway by reducing tasks (dining, grooming, talking on cell phone, etc.) while operating a vehicle.
  6. Modifying my driving behaviors to maintain satisfactory driving performance and attentiveness.

By submitting, you agree to be included on the pledge list (your email address will not be shown):

0011-Drive Pledges

Thank you to the following people for their pledge:

L A McdonaldAlexandria

Zainab A. HassanAlexandria

Stephanie Garth HopeCharlottesville


Jessica BlandyRoanoke

Allison PrillamanRoanoke

Shirl LightRoanoke

Scott LeamonRoanoke

Charlie GabrielMcLean, VA

Holly Eldridgefalls church

Nancy Kellisonbuchanan

Stephen NufferCraigsville

David TuckerRoanoke

Helen A. GillespieOilville

Samantha RobertsKing George

Christina DempseyFredericksburg

Robin GarstRoanoke

Jamie BartolomeHampton, VA

Breanna TaliaferroHenrico

Heather SelphRichmond

Anne WoodVirginia Beach

Rob Richardson

Susan Dickensspotsylvania

Michael DrurySterling

Robert J. SiganMedina, Ohio

matija tomasGlen Allen

Kathy MayMiddletown

Lisa AndersonMiddletown

Natalie LyttonMiddletown

Rick EckersleyMiddletown

Diane BorkowskiMiddletown

Rick EckersleyMiddletown, VA

Natalie LyttonMiddletown, VA

Diane BorkowskiMiddletown, VA

Amanda BordenMaurertown

Sandra BannisterMiddletown

Craig M. SmithMiddletown

Diane WillisMiddletown

Ronda HowardMiddletown

Tonya HeskettMiddletown, VA

Donna GroveMiddletown VA

Morgen CornwellMiddletown, VA

Richard LindamoodMiddletown, VA

Darlene LindamoodMiddletown, VA

Clay EllisMiddletown, VA

Leslie BrillMiddletown, VA

Jeanette FoxMiddletown, VA

Melinda ByersInwood, WV

Joyce RubleMiddletown, VA

Kim CoffeyMiddletown, VA

Brenda G. NotonLeesburg, VA

Pamela SionsMiddletown, VA

Joe RosatiMiddletown, VA

Vickie PittmanHenrico, VA

Donna ForemanMechanicsville, VA

Robert RozaMechanicsville, VA

Priscilla BrooksMechanicsville,VA

Kayla PerlMechanicsville, VA

Susan CarterMechanicsville, VA

Barbara AlstonMechanicsville, VA

Joanne GiovannetiRichmond, VA

Doug EllisMechanicsville, VA

David FetterMechanicsville, VA

Wes NewcomeRichmond, VA

Zach MidullaRichmond, VA

Cory NielRichmond, VA

Marquis NewmanRichmond, VA

Jennifer SoreyRichmond, VA

Steven PittmanRichmond, VA

Louis LuttoRichmond, VA

Gail CrawfordMechanicsville, VA

Michael SchaunMechanicsville, VA

Matt MuellerMechanicsville, VA

Brent RoweMechanicsville, VA

Stanley JacksonBowling Green, VA

Gary AdamsAshland, VA

Gary AdamsAshland, VA

Gary AdamsAshland, VA

Matt HaileyNew Kent, VA

Justin BrooksHenrico, VA

Allen HallMechanicsville, VA

Jason DoakMechanicsville, VA

Henry GlenKing William,VA

Charles HarrisMechanicsville, VA

Charles HarrisMechanicsville, VA

Tom JordanMiddletown, VA

Connie CarrollMiddletown, VA

Tara PlummerStephens City, VA

Annette MurphyMiddletown, VA

Karen RitterMiddletown, VA


janiya warrenSpotsylvania

Kristen MelzerSpotsylvania

Sara Worleyspotsylvania

kia brown mineral va

justin foxSpotsylvania

gage grimsleyspotsylvania

Emanuel SimsSpotsylvania

tj simmsspotsylvania va

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

“Too often people don’t realize how dangerous it is to look away from the road for just two seconds. It can be deadly.” Janet Brooking, Executive Director DRIVE SMART Virginia