Share The Road

Passenger vehicles represent the majority of our road users today; however, in order to be responsible on the roadway it’s important for all of us to endeavor to understand those we share the road with.

For that reason, DRIVE SMART Virginia has launched several initiatives, including a share the road campaign geared toward educating “four-wheelers” and “eighteen-wheelers” on the special considerations involved with driving in and around a large truck.

We know that more and more people are using alternate means of travel, including walking and bicycling. Therefore, we have also launched a campaign to educate road users on the importance of respecting one another’s right to use our public roadways.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the various users of our roadways so that all of us can anticipate and expect the special considerations that may be needed when interacting with those road users.

Sharing the road is one important way to keep yourself safe on the roadway. Another important practice is to commit to distraction free driving.

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