DRIVE SMART Virginia and TEAM Coalition announce partnership success at RIR

Responsible  NASCAR  Fans  Rewarded  at  Richmond  International  Raceway  
Partners  Promoting  Responsibility  at  Track  include  Miller  Lite,   Drive  Smart  Virginia  and  TEAM  Coalition   

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Aimee  Turner,  Richmond  International  Raceway  –  804-­‐228-­‐7507,     Courtney  Schiesher,  Olson  for  MillerCoors  –  312-­‐577-­‐1758,       Rob  Richardson,  Drive  Smart  Virginia  804-­‐929-­‐2988     Jill  Pepper,  TEAM  Coalition  202-­‐669-­‐0357  

Richmond,  Va.  (04/30/2012)  –  Responsible  NASCAR  fans  earned  valuable  rewards  at  Saturday  night’s   Capital  City  400  Presented  by  Virginia  is  for  Lovers,  at  Richmond  International  Raceway.  Miller  Lite,  Drive   Smart  Virginia  and  Techniques  for  Effective  Alcohol  Management  (TEAM)  Coalition  partnered  to   promote  responsible  drinking  and  traffic  safety  at  Richmond  International  Raceway.  

More  than  500  fans  made  the  pledge  to  be  a  designated  driver  for  their  group.  All  of  them  had  the   opportunity  to  receive  a  free  souvenir  photo,  instant  prizes  and  a  chance  to  be  selected  as  the   Designated  Driver  of  the  Race.  One  randomly  selected,  responsible  fan  will  win  the  Responsibility  Has  Its   Rewards  sweepstakes.  The  grand  prize  includes  a  Miller  Lite  outdoor  lounge  set  along  with  two  tickets   and  two  hot  passes  to  the  September  8th  Sprint  Cup  Series  race  at  Richmond  International  Raceway.    

Left  to  right:  Christy  Verbosky,  TEAM  Coalition;  Diane  Wagner,  MillerCoors;  Georjeane  Blumling   and  Rob  Richardson,  Drive  Smart  Virginia  
 “We  applaud  those  who  signed  the  pledge  to  be  a  designated  driver  for  their  group  during  race   weekend  at  RIR,”  said  RIR  President  Dennis  Bickmeier.  “It’s  important  for  everyone  to  be  responsible   when  choosing  to  consume  alcohol  while  enjoying  the  race  weekend.”  

“At  MillerCoors,  we  believe  that  with  great  beer  comes  great  responsibility  and  we’re  thrilled  to  partner   with  Richmond  International  Raceway,  Drive  Smart  Virginia  and  TEAM  Coalition  to  help  promote   responsible  alcohol  consumption  at  the  track,”  said  Kim  Marotta,  director  of  corporate  social   responsibility  at  MillerCoors.  “For  many  fans,  enjoying  a  beer  on  race  day  is  part  of  the  NASCAR   experience,  and  we  want  to  encourage  fans  to  enjoy  the  race  responsibly  and  plan  ahead  for  a  safe  ride   home  from  the  track.”  

“We  strongly  believe  that  designated  driving  campaigns  are  an  important  measure  toward  improving   the  safety  of  our  roadways  and  all  that  travel  them.  The  public-­‐private  partnership  that  has  been  formed   here  is  effective  because  it  leverages  different  perspectives  to  provide  a  unique  opportunity  to  raise   awareness  and  educate,”  said  Janet  Brooking,  Executive  Director  of  DRIVE  SMART  Virginia.    “Our   collective  goal  is  to  make  sure  that  race  attendees  can  enjoy  their  day  and  have  a  safe  way  to  return   home.  Our  silent  partners  (and  hero’s)  here  are  the  designated  drivers  who  make  sure  that  their  friends   and  family  see  the  checkered  flag  and  have  a  safe  ride  home.  We  hope  they  understand  the  importance   of  that  decision.”  

"The  success  of  the  Responsibility  Has  Its  Rewards  campaign  is  a  direct  result  of  the  commitment  from   our  members  and  all  the  designated-­‐driver  program  partners,  including  the  tracks,  beer  companies  and   state  offices  of  highway  safety,"  said  Jill  Pepper,  executive  director  of  TEAM  Coalition.  "Teamwork  is   what  this  campaign  is  all  about.  We  are  demonstrating  that  when  everyone  –  including  the  fans  –  takes   responsibility,  everyone  wins."    
About  Richmond  International  Raceway:   Richmond  International  Raceway,  known  as  America’s  Premier  Short  Track,  offers  exciting  night  racing   action  and  a  commitment  to  the  fan  experience.  One  of  the  most  popular  facilities  among  drivers  and   fans  in  all  of  motorsports,  Richmond  International  Raceway  annually  hosts  all  of  its  major  events—two   NASCAR  Sprint  Cup  Series  races,  two  NASCAR  Nationwide  Series  events  and  one  NASCAR  K&N  Pro  Series   East  race—under  the  lights  on  its  3⁄4-­‐mile  D-­‐Shaped  oval.  The  unique  layout  consistently  produces  the   thrill  of  side-­‐by-­‐side  racing,  coupled  with  high  enough  speeds  for  a  superspeedway  feel.  Combined  with   first-­‐class  amenities  (including  the  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  Video  Scoring  Tower)  and  a  focus  on  the  fans,  guests   at  Richmond  International  Raceway  can  expect  lasting  memories  on  each  visit.  For  tickets  to  events  at   Richmond  International  Raceway,  call  866-­‐455-­‐7223  or  visit  online.  Like  us  on  Facebook   and  follow  us  on  Twitter  @RIRInsider.     

About  MillerCoors     Built  on  a  foundation  of  great  beer  brands  and  nearly  300  years  of  brewing  heritage,  MillerCoors   continues  the  commitment  of  its  founders  to  brew  the  highest  quality  beers.    MillerCoors  is  the  second-­‐ largest  beer  company  in  the  United  States,  capturing  nearly  30  percent  of  beer  sales  in  the  U.S.  and   Puerto  Rico.    Led  by  two  of  the  best-­‐selling  beers  in  the  industry,  MillerCoors  has  a  broad  portfolio  of brands  across  every  major  industry  segment.    The  portfolio  is  led  by  the  company’s  premium  light   brands:  Coors  Light,  Miller  Lite  and  Miller64.    Coors  Light,  the  World’s  Most  Refreshing  Beer,  offers   consumers  refreshment  as  cold  as  the  Rockies.    Miller  Lite  established  the  American  light  beer  category   in  1975,  offering  beer  drinkers  a  light  beer  that  tastes  like  beer  should.    Miller64  is  64  calories  of  crisp,   light  taste  that  complements  a  balanced  lifestyle.  MillerCoors  brews  premium  beers  Coors  Banquet  and   Miller  Genuine  Draft,  and  economy  brands  Miller  High  Life  and  Keystone  Light.    Tenth  and  Blake  Beer   Company,  MillerCoors  craft  and  import  division,  imports  Peroni  Nastro  Azzurro,  Pilsner  Urquell  and   Grolsch  and  features  craft  brews  from  the  Jacob  Leinenkugel  Brewing  Company,  Blue  Moon  Brewing   Company  and  the  Blitz-­‐Weinhard  Brewing  Company.    MillerCoors  operates  eight  major  breweries  in  the   U.S.,  as  well  as  the  Leinenkugel’s  craft  brewery  in  Chippewa  Falls,  Wisc.  and  two  microbreweries,  the     Tenth  Street  Brewery  in  Milwaukee  and  the  Blue  Moon  Brewing  Company  at  Coors  Field  in  Denver.     MillerCoors  vision  is  to  create  the  best  beer  company  in  America  through  great  people  changing  the  way   America  enjoys  beer.  MillerCoors  builds  its  brands  the  right  way  through  brewing  quality,  responsible   marketing  and  sustainable  environmental  and  community  impact.    MillerCoors  is  a  joint  venture  of   SABMiller  plc  and  Molson  Coors  Brewing  Company.  Learn  more  at,  at  or  on  Twitter  through  @MillerCoors.  

About  Drive  Smart  Virginia   DRIVE  SMART  Virginia  is  a  non-­‐profit  organization  charged  with  raising  awareness  and  changing   behavior  in  order  to  improve  the  safety  of  the  roadways  of  the  Commonwealth.  We  have  endeavored  to   improve  the  lives  of  all  Virginians  through  our  public  information  and  education  initiatives.  Founded  in   1995,  the  organization  is  led  by  a  diverse  board  representing  safety  advocates,  the  insurance  industry   and  law  enforcement.  Our  mission  is  advanced  by  fostering  community  partnerships,  creating   educational  campaigns,  designing  and  distributing  educational  materials,  making  presentations,   attending  outreach  events,  and  advocating  for  traffic  safety  initiatives.  Go  to  to   learn  more.       

About  TEAM  Coalition  TEAM  Coalition  is  an  alliance  of  professional  and  collegiate  sports,  entertainment   facilities,  concessionaires,  stadium  service  providers,  the  beer  industry,  distillers,  broadcasters,   governmental  traffic  safety  experts,  and  others  working  together  to  promote  responsible  drinking  and   positive  fan  behavior  at  sports  and  entertainment  facilities.  TEAM's  21  members  and  supporters  include   NASCAR,  Major  League  Baseball,  Major  League  Soccer,  the  National  Basketball  Association,  the  National   Football  League,  the  National  Hockey  League,  the  National  Collegiate  Athletic  Association,  ARAMARK,   Delaware  North  Companies  Sportservice,  Ovations  Food  Services,  Beer  Institute,  National  Beer   Wholesalers  Association,  Anheuser-­‐Busch,  MillerCoors,  Brown-­‐Forman,  Live  Nation,  National   Association  of  Broadcasters,  Contemporary  Services  Corporation,  Elite  Show  Services,  International   Association  of  Venue  Managers,  Stadium  Managers  Association  and  the  National  Highway  Traffic  Safety   Administration.    For  more  information,  go  to  or         

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