DRIVE SMART Virginia ‘Share the Road with Trucks’ Curriculum receives award

DRIVE SMART Virginia awarded 2012
Edgar P. Layman Jr. Award for Motor Carrier Safety

For Immediate Release:
June 7, 2012

(Richmond, VA) Governor Robert B. McDonnell has awarded DRIVE SMART Virginia the 2012 Edgar P. Layman, Jr. Award for Motor Carrier Safety. The award is presented annually to an organization which advances transportation safety in the motor carrier industry through educational programs and activities. “We’re thrilled to be recognized in this way,” said Janet Brooking, Executive Director of DRIVE SMART Virginia.

DRIVE SMART Virginia created the Share the Road with Trucks curriculum for Virginia driver’s education teachers in 2011 through a grant from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The curriculum, which includes a PowerPoint presentation, videos, pre and post tests help teens learn to drive and share the road with large trucks. The curriculum is now taught in every high school in Virginia. It was the first curriculum in the nation, teaching teens to drive safely around trucks, to be mandated in public schools. 

Vanessa Wigand who oversees driver’s education training for the Virginia Department of Education nominated DRIVE SMART Virginia and the curriculum for the award.

“Most crashes involving commercial vehicles are caused by passenger vehicle drivers. The Sharing the Road with Trucks curriculum will help teen drivers in Virginia learn to avoid those crashes and feel safe and confident while driving on Virginia’s highways,” Brooking said.

The Sharing the Road with Trucks curriculum includes information about:
• No zone - front, rear left and right, areas around the truck where crashes are most likely to occur
• Passing - drivers should signal and move steadily around the truck
• Merging - truck blind spots make it difficult to see passenger cars
• Stopping distance - for trucks, 40% greater than cars

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For more information please contact Rob Richardson, Public Relations and Outreach Manager at Drive Smart Virginia at (804) 929-2988.

Drive Smart Virginia, founded in 1995, is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to educating drivers and raising traffic safety awareness in order to save lives and reduce injuries on the roadways of Virginia. Find DRIVE SMART Virginia on Facebook at ttp:// or Twitter at




April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

“Too often people don’t realize how dangerous it is to look away from the road for just two seconds. It can be deadly.” Janet Brooking, Executive Director DRIVE SMART Virginia