Virginia Distracted Driving Summit Set for Richmond

Richmond, VA - Distracted driving continues to be a serious danger to Virginia’s roadways. There are nearly 8,000,000 registered vehicles in Virginia and 5,800,000 licensed drivers. In 2013, there were more than 121,000 motor vehicle crashes resulting in 65,000 injuries.  Research tells us that up to 80% of those crashes may be related to some form of distracted driving.

On September 15-16, the second annual Virginia Distracted Driving Summit will be held at the Westin Richmond.  The Summit will focus on how Virginia can tackle distracted driving through advocacy, enforcement, corporate policies, education, and research. Last year, over 300 attendees listened to speakers from around the country talk about the most cutting-edge solutions for distracted driving. This year, the Summit will grow to a day-and-a-half event with a bigger exhibit area and breakout sessions.

Featuring safety advocates, research scientists, law enforcement, educators, corporate safety experts and victim advocates, the summit will offer presentations on teen safety, distracted driving research, law enforcement challenges, and corporate policies.

“Last year, our first Summit was a huge success in showing Virginians that the issue of distracted driving must to be taken seriously,” said Debbie Pickford, Board Chairman of DRIVE SMART Virginia. “This year we will continue to spread the message that distracted driving is resulting deaths and serious injuries on Virginia’s roadways.”

DRIVE SMART Virginia, founded in 1995, is a 501c3 non-profit charged with raising awareness and changing behavior in order to improve the safety of the roadways of the Commonwealth. Bike Virginia is a 501c3, founded in 1987 to inspire more human powered recreation and transportation.

For more information please contact Matt Smith, Public Relations and Outreach Manager for DRIVE SMART Virginia at 804/929-2988.