I Pledge to Share the Road

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Furthermore, a recent Virginia Tech Transportation Research Institute study found that 78 percent of crashes involving commercial motor vehicles were caused by passenger vehicle drivers. Therefore, we are working to educate teens on the importance of sharing the road with large trucks on Virginia roadways through our Share the Road program. Please join our effort to commit to safely share the road with trucks and buses, and help reduce the number of crashes and fatalities that occur each year.

I, , pledge to make Virginia's roadways safer by:

  1. Driving with awareness of and caution toward commercial trucks and buses.
  2. Staying clear of truck and bus blind spots, or "No-Zones."
  3. Allowing ample following distance when driving behind trucks and buses — making sure that I can see a truck driver’s side view mirrors when I am driving behind them.
  4. Merging in front of trucks only when I can see the entire front of the truck, including its tires, in my rearview mirror.
  5. Adjusting my speed and spacing to allow truck drivers to safely merge onto and off of roads.
  6. Stopping my car before stop lines to allow for safer turning of large vehicles.
  7. Watching out for wide turning vehicles.


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Visit our Share the Road with Trucks and Buses page.

3005 People Have Signed the Pledge:

  • Khang Phan, JEB Stuart High School
  • Khatija Ali, Park View
  • Khayla Connor, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Khiande Richards, E.C. Glass High School
  • Khiem Tran, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Kholoud Hassan, JEB Stuart High School
  • Khun Phat, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Khuram Chughlai, Virginia Tech
  • Kiana Brooks, Galileo magnet high school
  • Kiana Robinson, Montclair High School
  • Kierra Dockery, N/A
  • Kiery Montiel, Rachel Carson Middle School
  • Kimberly Fagga, Homeschool
  • Kimberly Fisher, Home School
  • Kimberly Howard, Essex High School
  • Kimberly Winter, HMS
  • Kimmy Mauyer, Stuarts Draft High School
  • Kinsey Jernigan, Short Pump Middle School
  • Kinsley Thomas, Clarke County High School
  • Kira S., West Virginia University
  • Kirily S., Deep Run High School
  • Kirsten Freeland, LC Bird High School
  • Kirstin Pickett, N/A
  • Kit Luke, Blacksburg High School
  • KK Brady, George Mason University
  • Klara Jones, Varina High School
  • Kolbe White, Tidewater Community College
  • Kord Krieger, Riverbend High School
  • Kori Goulden, Stuarts Draft High School
  • Kortia Hale, Franklin County High School
  • Kortney Fauntleroy, N/A
  • Kortney Summers, Daniel Morgan Middle School
  • Kourtney Williams, N/A
  • Krista Mills, Nehaunsey Middle School
  • Krista Whaley, George Mason University
  • Kristen Hardy, University of Virginia
  • Kristen Heiderman, N/A
  • Kristen Hughes, Virginia Tech
  • Kristen Parsons, George Mason University
  • Kristen Pippin , Louisa County Middle School
  • Kristen Smith, Virginia Tech
  • Kristin Billings, George Mason University
  • Kristin Franklin, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Kristina Kaufmann, Tallwood High School
  • Kristina Mendoza, JEB Stuart High School
  • Kristina Young, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Kristy Chumley, N/A
  • Krystal Anderson, Rachel Carson Middle School
  • Krystal Gray, Osbourn Park High School
  • Krystin Rash, N/A
  • Krystle Backs, N/A
  • Kshamata Deupant, Herndon Middle School
  • Ky Nguyen, W.T. Woodson High School
  • Kyanna Plecker, Bath County High School
  • Kyla Knorr, N/A
  • Kyle A., Tidewater Community College
  • Kyle Amburgey, N/A
  • Kyle Hollis, George Mason University
  • Kyle Itkin, George Mason University
  • Kyle Krieger, Riverbend High School
  • Kyle Luchau, Kempsville High School
  • Kyle Rigg, CHS
  • Kyle Snedd, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Kyle Snoich, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Kyle Stouton, W.T. Woodson High School
  • Kylie VanGarder, Milford Senior High
  • Kyra Brower, Virginia Tech
  • L. Duong, J.E.B. Stuart High School
  • L. Winward, Hidden Valley High School
  • LaDeijah Smith, Essex High School
  • Laken Irvin, Rural Retreat High School
  • Laketta Wright, Virginia Tech
  • Lameka Sanders, Hidden Valley High School
  • Lamel Jones, Henrico High School
  • Landon Hall, Hidden Valley High School
  • Laney Henley, Patrick Henry High School
  • Lara Mash, Virginia Tech
  • Larry Nguyen, W.T. Woodson High School
  • Larson Moreland, Princess Anne High School
  • LaTroy Forbes, Highland Springs High School
  • Laura Albert, Blacksburg High School
  • Laura Currie, Virginia Tech
  • Laura Froggatt, Blacksburg High School
  • Laura Glen, George Mason University
  • Laura Pence, Hidden Valley High School
  • Laura Roberson, Patrick Henry High School
  • Laura Walker, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Laura Wishart, Virginia Tech
  • Laura Woods, Lee-Davis High School
  • Lauren Brown, George Mason University
  • Lauren Donahue, Essex High School
  • Lauren Fox, Warren County Middle School
  • Lauren Friedricht, Landstown High School
  • Lauren Gibbs, George Mason University
  • Lauren Goldberg, Virginia Tech
  • Lauren Harter, SMS
  • Lauren Heiderman, Old Dominion University
  • Lauren Henderson, Old Dominion University
  • Lauren Hux, Hidden Valley High School
  • Lauren Hyer, George Mason University

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