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Drunk driving kills hundreds of people on Virginia roadways every year. Many of those killed are innocent victims of someone’s poor and selfish decisions. Take a stand by asking yourself the question, “Who’s Your Driver,” and sign this pledge to commit yourself to safe and sober driving in Virginia.

Please include your email address and phone number in order to be entered into the competition for tickets. Winners will be selected at random and notified by phone and/or email. While all are encouraged to sign the pledge, only Virginia residents are eligible for the competition.

Who's Your Driver Pledge
, pledge to lead the way by...
• Taking my role as driver seriously.
• Committing to staying sober when I’m behind the wheel.
• Thinking of the lives of others on the road.
• Asking a friend or family member for a sober drive home OR
• Calling a cab or transportation service provider.
• Learning more about how drunk driving can harm me and others.
• Making sure loved ones know the dangers of drunk driving.
• Buckling up. Every trip. Every time.
By submitting, you agree to be included on the pledge list (your email address will not be shown) and receive more information on Who's Your Driver and safe driving tips.

Thank you to the following people for their pledge

Virginia beach , VA
Danny Gordon
Chesterfield , VA
Danny Gallagher
Sterling , VA
Danielle Harrington
Moseley, VA
Daniel Bowen
Tappahannock, VA
Daniel Robust
Richmond , VA
Daniel Morton
Richmond , VA
Daniel Nash
Richmond, VA
Daniel Smith
Newport news, VA
Daniel Whitten
Staffers, VA
Dana Frank
Richmond, VA
Dana Owen
Glen Allen, VA
Dana Neal
Norfolk, VA
Dan Lenkowicz
New Kent, VA
Dan Winters
King Williams , VA
Dan Bowen
Caret, VA
Damian Tut
Hanover , VA
Dale Lacey
Richmond, VA
Cynthia Ford
Chesapeake, VA
Cw Fitzgerald
Yorktown, VA
Craig Robinson
Bristol , VA
Craig Quillina
Richmond , VA
Craig Edmundson
Chesapeake, VA
Craig Hifingtin
Richmond, VA
Craig Myers
Charles city , VA
Richmond , VA
Courtney Wright
Richmond, VA
Cory Sokolowski
Chesapeake, VA
Cory Evans
Rich,one, VA
Cory Frasco
Hanover, VA
Corey Frazier
Richmond, VA
Cole Poole
Virginia beach , VA
Cole Spicer
Richmond, VA
Cole Smith
Richmond , VA
Cody Martin
Toano, VA
Clint Cutler
Richmond , VA
Clay Frost
Williamsburg , VA
Clark Gresham
Williamsburg, VA
Claire Dub
Williamsburg, VA
Cindy Crews
Braces, VA
Cierra Wiley
Richmond , VA
Ciara Longfellow
Locust Grove, VA
Richmond , VA
Chuck Fobes
Richmond, VA
Christina Dempsey
Fredericksburg, VA
Christina Jenkins
Midlothian, VA
Christie Doe
Richmond, VA
Christen Cook
Richmond, VA
Chris Perott
Sterling, VA
Chris Andy
Richmond, VA
Chris Taylor
Ashland , VA
Chris Hudson
Matthews, VA
Chris Redden
Alexandria , VA
Chris Malgee
Richmond, VA
Chris Tatum
Richmond, VA
Chris Winslow
Norfolk , VA
Chris Lamb
Waisnboro, VA
Chris Muckie
Richmond, VA
Chris Shiflett
Richmond , VA
Chris Farrington
Midloathian, VA
Chris Gore
Richmond, VA
Cheryl Davino
Norfolk, VA
Chelsie Pruitt
Prince George, VA
Chase Oconnor
Virginia beach, VA
Chase Blunt
Richmond, VA
Charlie Smith
Richmond , VA
Charlie Joseph
Dayton, VA
Charlie Scott
Chesapeake , VA
Charlie Wilson
Chester, VA
Charles Kysar
Chesapeake , VA
Charles Overby
Ashland, VA
Charles Harris
Richmond, VA
Charles Fobes
Richmond, VA
Chantelle Guy
Richmond, VA
Chad Waters
Richmond, VA
Chad VanDyke
Chesapeake, VA
Chad Allison
Richmond, VA
Cecilia Grice
Woodbridge , VA
Cathy Martin
Troy, VA
Cathy Glass
Lynchburg, VA
Casey Lyles
Va beach, VA
Casey Cole
Powhatan, VA
Casey Sinks
Richmond, VA
Carter Cox
Richmond, VA
Carrie Clark
Richmond, VA
Carol Slaven
Richmond, VA
Carol Davis
Great Falls, VA
Carley Johnson
King George, VA
Carleigh Perkins
Richmond , VA
Carissa Batts
Richmond , VA
Carey Allen
Chesapeake , VA
Carey Kitchen
Colonial heights, VA
Candy Dixon
Richmond, VA
Campbell Dixon
Richmond , VA
Cameron Smith
Rich,one , VA
Cameron Nelson
Richmond, VA
Cameron Lawson
Carrollton, VA
Cabell Pendleton
Richmond , VA
Buses it John
Mechanics like, VA