Saving Lives

We work to reduce the number of traffic fatalities and injuries.

Fighting Distracted Driving

We take our traffic safety message across Virginia encouraging drivers to focus on the road.

Educating Teens

Our outreach programs help new drivers develop safe driving habits.

Encouraging Safety Belt Use

Nearly 20% of Virginia drivers don’t buckle-up. We educate drivers about the importance of safety belt use.

Promoting Workplace Safety

We help businesses foster a culture of safety.

Creating Safety Campaigns

We develop and produce traffic safety campaigns that we distribute across the Commonwealth.

Deterring Impaired Driving

Who's Your Driver?

DRIVE SMART Virginia is a non-profit organization charged with raising awareness and changing behavior in order to improve the safety of the roadways of the Commonwealth. We have endeavored to improve the lives of all Virginians through our public information and education initiatives. Founded in 1995, the organization is led by a diverse board representing safety advocates, the insurance industry and law enforcement.

Watch Our New Slow-Moving Vehicle Educational Video

If you ever drive roads in rural Virginia, this video is a must-see.

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Choose a Designated Sober Driver BEFORE the Party Begins!

Have a plan. Designate a sober driver, plan on taking a cab or ride-sharing service. There's no reason to drive when you've been drinking!

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Click It Or Ticket - Set a good example. Buckle-up!

When you buckle-up, they buckle-up. This month, we remind motorists to wear their seatbelts.

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DRIVE SMART Virginia Coalition for Safe Driving

Help us make Virginia’s roadways safer! Join with other businesses, organizations, and state agencies and become part of the Coalition!

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Order FREE Traffic Safety Campaign Items From Our Online Store

Our traffic safety campaign brochures, posters, and other items are free for Virginia residents. Even shipping is free!

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