Parents have to set the example

I was talking with my neighbor AJ the other day. His sister Pam was over. Pam’s son is 17. He’s taking driver’s education. I asked if he had a cell phone, dumb question, every teen these days has a cell phone.  Does he text and drive?  Pam said he doesn’t. In fact, she said “he warns me when I look at my phone.” Good for Pam’s son. If parents want to have teens who drive safely, they have to drive safely. If parents want teens who don’t text and drive, they can’t text and drive. Kids will mirror the behavior they see, good or bad. Parents have to set a good example for their kids. Don’t let distractions get in the way of good driving. Always buckle up. And obey traffic laws. It might sound simple, but too often we can forget what good driving behavior is and a little reminder, even from your teenager might make a big difference.

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