Hurricane Sandy

With much of Virginia facing an uncertain future this weekend ahead of Hurricane Sandy, I hope you’ll consider some important traffic safety tips that will help keep you and others safe. First, when you’re behind the wheel, put down your phone and any other distractions. With the potential for wind and rain, there may be debris on the roadway or other unexpected hazards. So, focus on driving and your destination and your dramatically reduce your chance for a crash. Next, never drive through standing water on the road because you don’t know what is underneath it. Heavy rains can sometimes wash away part of the road, be careful when driving in storms. Also, use your lights AND wipers when it’s raining. It will help other drivers see you and it’s the law in Virginia. Remember to buckle up. Most fatal crashes occur at speeds below 40 mph. Wearing your seatbelt is the safest thing you can do in the car.  Also, buckle your passengers. If you are thrown from the vehicle in a crash, 75% of the time you won’t survive. Finally, if the weather gets bad, stay off the roads unless it’s an emergency. And if you do have to drive, make sure you speed is appropriate for the conditions. If you’re prepared, you probably won’t have to leave the house. At DRIVE SMART Virginia, we’re not weather experts. We are traffic safety advocates and we make safety on Virginia’s roadways OUR business. Buckle up, phone down, Virginia. And, stay safe.

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