Traffic safety tips for Halloween

Thousands of families are getting ready for Halloween. They’ll leave their homes, walking along the streets and sidewalks in their neighborhoods, stopping to see neighbors, hoping for a treat. But many parents don’t realize some of the dangers associated with this normally fun, family activity. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, Halloween ranks as both the day with the highest number of child pedestrian deaths and one of the holidays with the highest number of DUI deaths. So, I’d like to offer just a few safety tips that might help keep you and your children safe. Talk with your kids before you start trick or treating. Let them know you expect them to walk with you and listen to you. Discuss the dangers. Remind children to watch for cars. Halloween masks can also limit visibility. This is a good time to remind children to look both ways before crossing the street, then look again. Carry flashlights, or other lights, parents wear light colored clothing or coats, so you are visible to motorists. Be careful with your route. Walk on the sidewalk or against traffic on the roadway. Cross at street corners, not in the middle of the block. When you are driving, pay attention and slow down. The speed limit for most residential streets is 25 mph. Go slower and avoid all distractions. Anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic. Turn on headlights earlier to make it easier to spot little ones. Drinking and Driving Don’t do it. If your going to a party and plan on drinking, choose a designated driver. You can be impaired enough to crash, even after 1-2 drinks. Halloween should be fun. Taking a few precautions along the way will help you enjoy this time and get home safely.

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