Summer Thunder

Most of Virginia is facing the threat of high winds, heavy rain and maybe some hail. Not the kind of weather that forces you to run to the grocery store and stock up on milk and bread. But the timing of this bad weather concerns folks who are concerned with traffic safety.  Many Virginians may be traveling to a graduation party or home from work in the worst of this potential storm. We want to remind you to drive safely. That means buckle up, and slow down. It also means to avoid as many distractions as possible, like talking on our cell phone or fiddling with the latest weather app to see the super-duper Doppler radar. In any sort of storm, crazy things can happen. Cars and trucks slide off the road. A big truck might drive through a puddle and momentarily cover your car with water.  If you have to drive in bad weather get home and out of the elements quickly. Avoid driving through high water. Focus on the road and avoid distracting behaviors behind the wheel.  Now, pass this information along to any teen drivers you know. This may be the first storm they’ve experienced.  Please, always drive safely and without distraction.

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