Click It Or Ticket

There is no hidden message in this blog post. I want you to know, remember and share two things: 1. wearing your seatbelt will improve your chance of surviving a crash, and 2. police in Virginia will increase enforcement of seat belt violations over the holidays.  This upcoming enforcement is known nationwide as Click It or Ticket. It’s an effort by states, including Virginia, to increase the rate of residents who buckle up. Currently in Virginia only 8 out of 10 regularly wear seat belts. Here are some other statistics to consider when deciding whether or not to buckle:  Motorists are 75% less likely to be killed in a roll-over crash when they’re buckled. In 2011, of 21,000 passengers killed in a motor vehicle crash 52% were not wearing a seat belt. Among 18-34 age group killed in fatal crashes (2011) 64% were not buckled. We recommend wearing your seat belt every trip and making sure everyone in your car is also buckled. Most fatal crashes happen within 25 miles from your home at speeds under 40 miles an hour. The point is you can just as easily be seriously injured on a trip to the mall as you can driving down the interstate.  It only takes a second, please remember to buckle up.

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