Winter Weather

Winter can be a challenging season to drive in – even for the most experienced driver. But you take a quick moving snow storm that’s expected to blanket the mid-Atlantic and we could be for a big mess at the least and dangerous or deadly traffic conditions at the worst.    Here are a few tips, offered to motorists to keep you safe, if you have to be on the roads during inclement weather. Put you phone down A cell phone is great to have in an emergency. It’s the wrong tool to use when you’re driving in dangerous weather or on slick roads. Cell phones increase your reaction time when driving. Keep the phone for emergency use or use it to alert family or friends of the road conditions once you reach your destination. Slow down This is just good, common sense. At slower speeds it takes your car less time to slow down. When you approach a snowy or ice covered intersection your speed might mean the difference between stopping or sliding through. Leave space between cars When driving, leave space between your car and the one in front of you. That way if they brake suddenly or slide you have more time to react. And if you slide, the car behind you should have time to react. Clean off your car entirely When you start your car to warm it up, take a few minutes to brush off the snow. Not just from the windshield, or side windows, you should also do the roof, the hood, the trunk. That snow will likely fly off your car when you’re driving and it could impact another motorist. Keep your gas tank full In the summer, it’s usually not a big deal if you run out of gas. Winter is a different story. If you get stuck, or run off the road and need to keep the engine running to stay warm, you’re going to want to have a full tank of gas. Stay off the road If you don’t have to be on the roadway during the height of the storm, stay put. The roads are slick, you can easily get in the way of snow plows trying to clean roads, if you have a crash emergency workers have to risk their lives to take care of you.

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