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Drunk driving kills hundreds of people on Virginia roadways every year. Many of those killed are innocent victims of someone’s poor and selfish decisions. Take a stand by asking yourself the question, “Who’s Your Driver,” and sign this pledge to commit yourself to safe and sober driving in Virginia.

Who's Your Driver Pledge
, pledge to lead the way by...
• Taking my role as driver seriously.
• Committing to staying sober when I’m behind the wheel.
• Thinking of the lives of others on the road.
• Asking a friend or family member for a sober drive home OR
• Calling a cab or transportation service provider.
• Learning more about how drunk driving can harm me and others.
• Making sure loved ones know the dangers of drunk driving.
• Buckling up. Every trip. Every time.
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Thank you to the following people for their pledge

Anna Trybus
Saints Mary&aposs, MD
Nina Desmond
Castione, ME
Georgie Allen
Lebanon, ME
Chris Cameron
Lebanon, ME
Jack Hamburger
Boston, MA
Ann Hoffman
New Orleans, LA
Steve Viniard
Shreveport, LA
Jason Cates
Fort Lee, VA
Danny Hoffman
New Orleans, LA
Rebecca Woodruff
Lexington, KY
James Batchelo
Japan, Japan
Adam Bermingham
Dub land, Ireland
Robert Cain
Indianapolis , IN
Rob Cien
Indianapolis , IN
Patrick Michael
Frankfort, IN
Wes Korab
Chicago, IL
Cameron Stewart
Tower Hill, IL
Scott Howe
Peoria , IL
Phillip Lee
Coffeen, IL
Kevin Erb
Chicago, IL
Jermaine Jackson
Chicago, IL
Gustavo Morales
Jordana Ciosse
Germany, Germany
Marcus Armstrong
Atlanta , GA
Kevin Boyett
Atlanta , GA
James Wright
Brunswick , GA
Vanessa Sierra
Atlanta, GA
Sheila Wright
Brunswick , GA
Keith Rice
Atlanta , GA
Harry Saunders
Woodstock, GA
Vens Johnson
Columbus, GA
Steve Johnson
Marietta , GA
Michael Phelps
Gainesville , GA
Kristyna Luck
Atlanta, GA
Kathy Johnson
Marietta, GA
Norton Weych
Miami, FL
Maryland Ferguson
Jacksonville, FL
Mark Ford
Winter haven, FL
Gregory Derenthal
Tampa, FL
Debbie Pessoni
Palm Bay, FL
David Pessoni
Palm Bay, FL
Richard Sledge an
Titusville , FL
Matt Ford
Winter haven , FL
Jonaie Hodge
Tampa, FL
Felix Nunez
Miami, FL
David Mueller
Miami, FL
Andrew Pollizzi
Punta gourda , FL
Ted Winters
Falling waters, WV
Rich Wilson
Moundsvile, WV
W Bishop
Magnolia, DE
Mark Carey
Dover, DE
Justin Burnett
Wilmington, DE
Washington, DC
Susan Stride
Washington, DC
Steven Schaeffer
Washington, DC
Washington, DC
Joe Powell
Washington, DC
Jim Eckerd
Wasington, DC
Dew Baby
Washington, DC
Brittany Rhodes
Washington, DC
Mike Shmidt
Washington, DC
Junior Jones
Washington, DC
Lisa Vogelson
Middletown, CT
Mike Bin
Suffield, CT
Max Merrill
Suffield, CT
Rachel Howard
Hartford , CT
Deborah Little
Stanford, CT
Vern Oepping
Estes Park, CO
Troy Lake
Denver, CO
Melanie Sedan
Aurora, CO
Jaycee Weng
Fuzing , China
Jay Guan
Fujian, China
Warren Cochrane
Grebrecy, Canada
Vernon Glass
Sylvia Fielding
Augusta, Canada
Richard Sales
Quenelles, Canada
Mark Bowlman
Ontario, Canada
Kris Reid
Ontario, Canada
Kevin Gibbons
British Colubia, Canada
Karen Duguid
Winnipeg, Canada
Fabian Boulay
Quebec, Canada
Eric Steele
Toronto, Canada
Don McConnell
Canada, Canada
Don Doucete
British Columbia , Canada
Bruce Sykes
Winnipeg, Canada
Allen Bribe
Quebec, Canada
Graham Scott
Palace, CA
Cody Marten
Huntington, CA
Christian Lockwood
Sonoma, CA
Terry Moore
Oakland , CA
Jeffrey Chittenden
Rialto, CA
Robert Petschul
California, CA
Joel Mancera
Salinas, CA
Jim Boyd
San diego, CA
TJ Fennelly
Mechanicsville, CA
Sally Fields
Los angeles, CA
Joe Nolan
San Diego, CA
James Lenihan
Los angelous, CA
Harry Cross
Winchester, CA