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Drunk driving kills hundreds of people on Virginia roadways every year. Many of those killed are innocent victims of someone’s poor and selfish decisions. Take a stand by asking yourself the question, “Who’s Your Driver,” and sign this pledge to commit yourself to safe and sober driving in Virginia.

Please include your email address and phone number in order to be entered into the competition for tickets. Winners will be selected at random and notified by phone and/or email. While all are encouraged to sign the pledge, only Virginia residents are eligible for the competition.

Who's Your Driver Pledge
, pledge to lead the way by...
• Taking my role as driver seriously.
• Committing to staying sober when I’m behind the wheel.
• Thinking of the lives of others on the road.
• Asking a friend or family member for a sober drive home OR
• Calling a cab or transportation service provider.
• Learning more about how drunk driving can harm me and others.
• Making sure loved ones know the dangers of drunk driving.
• Buckling up. Every trip. Every time.
By submitting, you agree to be included on the pledge list (your email address will not be shown) and receive more information on Who's Your Driver and safe driving tips.

Thank you to the following people for their pledge

Braxton Richardson
Stoneville, NC
Brandon Hewett
Wilmington, NC
Brandon Lawrence
Charlotte, NC
Ashley Mills
Hollister, NC
Anthony Wallace
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Alecia Conner
Raleigh , NC
Albert King
Charlotte , NC
Aimee McNeil
Gibsonville, NC
Aaron Johnson
Creedmoore, NC
Timothy Meistersinger
Buffalo, NY
Richard Thibault
Hannibal, NY
Jill How land
Watkins glen, NY
Greg Mcclurg
New York, NY
Brady Lassiter
Richmond, NY
Pete Zeiler
West, MT
Lyle Scramm
Saint Paul, MN
Norman Campbell
Saint Louis, MO
Marcy Abercrombie
Web city, MO
Heith Derrick
Pelahatcha, MS
Gary Lambert
Booneville, MS
Daniel Cooper
Lucdele , MS
Connor Day
Hezelherse, MS
Cory Lindgen
Minneapolis , MN
Jeff Luck
Saint Francis, MN
Craig Andrews III
Indianapolis , MN
Stacy Smith
Battlecreek , MI
Brandon Walker
Kalamazoo , MI
Andrew To alike
Michigan, MI
Tom Reinig
Brad McDonald
Beverly Hills, MI
Sharron Map hail
Kingstonton, MI
Jonathan Jan&aposs
Bay city, MI
Evan Jones
Bay City, MI
Derrick Dube
Maryland , ME
Michael Gray
Ellicott city, MD
Luck Stanford
Calper county, MD
George Wise
Calver county, MD
Brian Sheldon
Baltimore, MD
Audrey Rainer
College park, MD
Veronica Linn
Md, MD
Tony Arena
Temple hill, MD
Timothy Banker
Germantown, MD
Tim Edwards
Baltimore, MD
Terry Winters
Williamsport, MD
Teresa Hardy
Temple hills, MD
Steve Nalborczyk
Wolfsville , MD
Stacey Keys
Baltimore , MD
Shaun Rudeau
Frederick, MD
Sharon Tedder
Baltimore, MD
Shari Payne
Leusby, MD
Shannon Phillips
Lenore town, MD
Scott Staffer
Valley lee, MD
Ryan Ellis
Annapolis , MD
Rusty Shackle ford
Hangersbush, MD
Robert Cossey
Churchville, MD
Preston Dorazio
Calver county, MD
Pooja Rastogi
Bel air, MD
Parker Canons
Bowie, MD
Pam Jones
Solomonic, MD
Michael Quid
Brushwood, MD
Megan Herbert
BryAns road, MD
Matthew Little
Lexington Park, MD
Mary jane Jakubowski
Baltimore, MD
John Fitzgerald
clinton, MD
John Hardy
Temples hills, MD
John Jakubowski
Baltimore, MD
Jeremy Sparks
Hagerstown, MD
Jeff Smith
Frederick , MD
Jeff Sawyer
Baltimore , MD
Jared Payne
Hagerstown , MD
Jamie Bell
Mechanicsville , MD
Humberton Salazar
College park, MD
Erin Wallace
Bel air, MD
Ellis Lee
Baltimore, MD
Dennis Sparks
Newmarket , MD
Delores Adkins
Poco joke, MD
Cody Weather
Lusby, MD
Cindy Perrell
Mechanicsville, MD
Chris Windsor
German town , MD
Bill Bailey
Hagerstown , MD
Austin Jennings
Maryland, MD
Andy Miller
Frederick, MD
Amy Dube
Maryland , MD
Quinton Chesney
Boston , MA
George Scott
Lawrence, MA
Kevin Messier
Springfield, MA
Don Stone
Neal Osborne
Salem, MA
Windy Burch
Lexington , MD
Tim Farley
Nanjrmoi, MD
Tim Keenly
Big pool, MD
Steven McClay
Baltimore , MD
Sarah Rice
Baltimore , MD
Melinda Jomes
Annapolis, MD
Marcus Taylor
Gaithersburg , MD
Kathy Keenly
Big Pool, MD
James Thomas
Myresvilles, MD
Eric Marshall
Baltimore , MD
Camille Nelson
Germantown , MD