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Drunk driving kills hundreds of people on Virginia roadways every year. Many of those killed are innocent victims of someone’s poor and selfish decisions. Take a stand by asking yourself the question, “Who’s Your Driver,” and sign this pledge to commit yourself to safe and sober driving in Virginia.

Who's Your Driver Pledge
, pledge to lead the way by...
• Taking my role as driver seriously.
• Committing to staying sober when I’m behind the wheel.
• Thinking of the lives of others on the road.
• Asking a friend or family member for a sober drive home OR
• Calling a cab or transportation service provider.
• Learning more about how drunk driving can harm me and others.
• Making sure loved ones know the dangers of drunk driving.
• Buckling up. Every trip. Every time.
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Thank you to the following people for their pledge

Adam Tibbs
Roanoke, VA
Adam Hover
Richmond, VA
Adam Cell
Richmond, VA
Virginia beach , VA
Adam Bay ford
Richmond, VA
Adam Barnes
Richmond, VA
Aaron Fur is
Richmond, VA
Brian Rice
Jaibiel Harris
South dallas, TX
Nashville , TN
Wanette Wright
Fort Worth, TX
Thomas Hanks
Houston , TX
Steve Smith
Dallas, TX
Matt Morano
Denver, TX
John Green
King wood, TX
John Doe
Austin, TX
John Bridge
Rosenberg, TX
Jacob Barnes
Vernon, TX
Greg Harrison
Dallas, TX
Gary Smith
Bel air, TX
Adam Wickey
Houston, TX
Walt Lee
Nashville, TN
Stephen Magennis
Clucksville, TN
Sandra Buckman
Johnson City , TN
Phill Thompson
Nashville , TN
Madison Miller
Bristol, TN
John Miller
Bristol, TN
Cris Gowens
Hatens, TN
Brandon Measly
Nashville , TN
Amy Johnson
Nashville , TN
Alexis Alexander
Nashville , TN
Terra Haggard
Knoxville, TN
Davey Crocker
Nashville, TN
Katisha Jackson
Decatur, TN
Zachary Price
Charleston, SC
Tim Scott
Gavin Carlson
Greenville, SC
Billy Rabon
Aynor , SC
Tom Joseph
Eric Lambert
Charleston, SC
Brennan Patrick
Myrtle beach , SC
Roger Doe
Morgantown, WV
David Knight
Puerto Rico
Tony Hurley
Richmond, VA
Danny Lowe
Danville , VA
Pam Charlwood
Foster, RI
Mike Gough
Easton, PA
Pittsburg, PA
Ed Thompson
Gettysburg, PA
William Dunn
Alton , PA
Victoria Burke
Milford, PA
Pittsburg, PA
Shelley Wright
Springrove, PA
Pat Rankin
Trafford, PA
Michelle Donovan
Newville, PA
Matt Yurie
Pittsburg , PA
Margo Walton
Alton, PA
Jim Falcon
Gettysburg, PA
Jesse Spade
Indiana, PA
Glenn Mullen
Mechanicsburg , PA
Dreama Alright
Belle font, PA
Debbie Kitz
Roufssdale, PA
Cara Difiore
Philadelphia , PA
Brenda Wills
Mercerburg , PA
Bob Gehret
Altoona, PA
Tina Christian
Pittsburg, PA
Ray Weimar
Ian Bourne
York, PA
Charlie Leah
Apollo, PA
Brian Johnson
Reading, PA
Bobby Weaver
Gettysburg, PA
Albert Dippole
Pen, PA
Rick Steckiel
Pits, PA
Bob Lloyd
Pit, PA
Allen Lindsay
Pittsburg, PA
Rusty Focht
Altona , PA
Mike Garlad
Altona , PA
John Smith
Montousville , PA
James Johnson
Montorsville, PA
Griff Norville
Philadelphia , PA
Chad Tomson
Altolna , PA
Bill Baldwin
Philadelphia , PA
Tyler Fire
West Chester, PA
Travis Mushy
New borne , PA
Terry Wakefield
Cooperstown, PA
Sarah South well
Warren, PA
Sandi Roberts
Erie, PA
Samantha Packer
Pittsburg, PA
Morgan Brehm
Elverson, PA
Monika Brown
Philadelphia , PA
Mike Stone
Potsville , PA
Michael Dunked
York, PA
Mary Curtis
Hellergown, PA
Machielle Dove
Belmont, PA
Louis Ballog
Pittsburgh , PA
Lori Factor
Trafford, PA
Kurt Addington
Pittsburgh , PA
Kevin Jones
Mountaintop, PA
Ken Lads
Mountain top, PA