Don’t let distracted driving become an ‘out of mind’ ‘out of sight’ kind of thing

During April we focus our efforts on increasing awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. Nationally, it’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month. In Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell’s proclamation on the matter launched a month of activity, much of which was coordinated by DRIVE SMART Virginia. We reached thousands upon thousands of people with our message “Driving … Continue reading

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Kid Talk

Teenagers  are a driving group we at DRIVE SMART Virginia worry about a lot. They have little experience driving (day or night). Teens also like technology: from the latest music and Ipod, GPS and cell phone. All those things are distractions when you’re driving and they increase your chances for a crash. That leads to … Continue reading

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Parents have to set the example

I was talking with my neighbor AJ the other day. His sister Pam was over. Pam’s son is 17. He’s taking driver’s education. I asked if he had a cell phone, dumb question, every teen these days has a cell phone.  Does he text and drive?  Pam said he doesn’t. In fact, she said “he … Continue reading

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