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Bicyclist and Pedestrian Awareness Month

  • 2016 BPAM Brochure

    2016_BPAM_Brochure, pdf - 18 MB

    A printed version of this brochure is also available from our online store.

  • 2016 BPAM Twitter Image

    TwitterImage, image - 163 KB

    Use this image to make your BPAM Twitter "tweets" stand out!

  • 2016 BPAM Facebook Image

    FacebookImage, image - 168 KB

    Use this image to make your Facebook posts stand out!

  • 2016 BPAM Sample Employer Email

    BPAM_2016_Sample_Email, word - 71 KB

    Encourage employees to share the road by sending an informative email.

  • 2016 BPAM Suggested Employer Activities

    BPAM_2016_Activities_for_Employers, word - 86 KB

    Some suggested activities to remind employees to share the road.

  • 2016 BPAM Suggested Tweets

    BPAM_2016_Sample_Tweets, word - 72 KB

    Use the Twitter image above with one (or more) of our suggested tweets.

  • 2016 BPAM Suggested Facebook Posts

    BPAM_2016_Sample_Facebook_Posts, word - 73 KB

    Use The Facebook image above with one (or more) of our suggested Facebook posts.

  • 2016 BPAM Letter to Employees

    BPAM_2016_Sample_Letter, word - 62 KB

    Send a letter to employees reminding them of the importance of sharing the road.

  • 2016 BPAM Sample Media Release

    BPAM_2016_Sample_Media_Release, word - 73 KB

    Customize this media release & show that you encourage your employees to share the road.

Click It Or Ticket

  • 2016 CIOT Proclamation

    CIOT_2016_Proclamation, word - 267 KB

    A proclamation from your agency recognizing the importance of the national Click It Or Ticket effort

  • 2016 CIOT Leadership Letter

    OP_Leadership_Letter-2016, word - 26 KB

    Personalize this letter and send it to colleagues encouraging them to support CIOT.

  • 2016 CIOT News Release

    CIOT_News_Release_2016, word - 31 KB

    A news release template. Customize with your organization's information.

  • 2016 CIOT Sample Tweets

    OP_Sample_Tweets-2016, word - 24 KB

    Use social media to spread the seat belt safety message. Cut-and-paste or customize.

  • 2016 CIOT Sample Email

    OP_Email_Messages-2016, word - 31 KB

    A sample email you can customize for your own use. Send it to friends and colleagues.

  • 2016 CIOT Newsletter Article

    OP_newsletter_article-2016, word - 27 KB

    Customize this article and include it in your organization's newsletter.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

  • Brochure - Buckle Up. Phone Down.

    DSV_2017BUPD_Brochure_Final, pdf - 8 MB

    The DRIVE SMART Virginia "Buckle Up, Phone Down" distracted driving awareness brochure.

  • Poster - Buckle Up. Phone Down.

    DSV_2017BUPD_Poster_FinalREV, pdf - 6 MB

    The DRIVE SMART Virginia "Buckle Up, Phone Down" poster.

  • House Joint Resolution NO. 727

    hj727, pdf - 10 KB

    Image of House Joint Resolution 727 which designated April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

  • Employer DDAM Activities and Ideas

    EmployersActivities, pdf - 218 KB

    Ideas your company can use to engage employees in Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

  • DDAM Sample Tweets

    SampleTweets, word - 72 KB

    Encourage your Twitter followers to drive distraction-free. Here are some sample "tweets".

  • DDAM Sample Email to Employees

    Sample_Email, word - 71 KB

    Send employees an email reminding them that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month in Virginia.

  • DDAM Suggested Media Release

    SampleMediaRelease, word - 71 KB

    Tell the world that your company encourages its employees to drive distraction-free.

  • DDAM Employee Letter Suggestion

    Sample_Letter_to_Employees, word - 62 KB

    Sometimes snail-mail can be more effective than electronic mail.

  • DDAM Employee Survey Questions

    Employee_Survey, word - 67 KB

    Ask your employees to take an anonymous survey about distracted driving.

  • Image for Facebook Posts - Buckle Up, Phone Down

    2016_BUPD_FB_1, image - 1 MB

    Our "Buckle Up, Phone Down" image for use in Facebook posts.

  • Image for Twitter "tweets" - Buckle Up, Phone Down

    2016_BUPD_TWITTER_1, image - 167 KB

    Our "Buckle Up, Phone Down" image for use in Twitter "tweets".

  • Web Banner - Buckle Up, Phone Down

    2016_BUPD_WEB_BANNER_1, image - 88 KB

    Give Distracted Driving Awareness Month a boost. Ad this banner to your web site.